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Legend B.B. King ‘King of the Blues Died in Las Vegas At Age 89

B.B.King -- the king of the blues -- died Thursday night 14 May 2015 at the age of 89. He released his first single in 1949. He played music for 60 years and leaves countless fans, followers and friends.

BB King died at 89

RIP BB King, we love southern gospel music but also blues. You'll stay with us forever.

Below a few of his best hits:

"The Thrill Is Gone" (Peaked at No. 15 on Feb. 21, 1970)

"Guess Who/Them Changes" (Peaked at No. 62 on Oct. 14, 1972)

"Hummingbird" (Peaked at No. 48 on Aug. 22, 1970)

"Paying the Cost to be the Boss" (Peaked at No. 39 on May 25, 1968)

"Chains and Things" (Peaked at No. 45 on Dec. 12, 1970)

"Ask Me No Questions" (Peaked at No. 40 on April 3, 1971)

"Rock Me Baby" (Peaked at No. 34 on June 20, 1964)

"Ain't Nobody Home" (Peaked at No. 46 on Jan. 22, 1972)

"To Know You Is To Love You" (Peaked at No. 38 on Sept. 22, 1973)

"I Like to Live the Love" (Peaked at No. 28 on March 9, 1974)